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Connecting OSI Wifi MINI Alarm (GSM) to Smart Life app with Apple IOS using AP Mode (recommended)

Which Version OSI Alarm System do you have?

Depending on when you purchased your OSI Alarm System, connecting to wi-fi will have slightly different steps. To see which version you have, please go to your OSI Display and select Menu >> Version. You will see either 2G or 4G on the line below where it says WI-FI MAC:

  • 4G Model (with touch screen display) (June/2022 & later): IOS & Android
  • GSM Model (with touch screen Display)(March/2022 & earlier): IOS or Android
  • Mini Alarm (hub only): Android

Note: Before starting these steps you should aleady have installed the Smart Life app on your smartphone/tablet and created your Smart Life account. (see "how to set up a Smart Life account"). Please have the OSI WIFI MINI HUB with you and be near an electrical outlet.

Step 1

Open Smart Life app and select the "plus" icon at the top right corner


Step 2

Select "Add Device"


Step 3

Select "Sensors" on left panel, then select "Alarm (wi-fi)"


Step 4

Select your 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi Network and enter your password


Step 5

Put the OSI Wifi MINI AlARM HUB in "Pairing Mode"

Plug the OSI Alarm Hub (Circular device) and then immediately Long press the function button (bottom of Alarm Hub) for 5 seconds within 10 seconds after power cycle (plugging in hub into the electrical outlet). (Green LED flashes quickly). Then Immediately press the function button once again, and the system will enter Wi-Fi AP Mode (Green LED flashes slowly). The Mini Alarm is now in Pairing mode. After 1 minute it will exit pairing mode so you must quickly go on to the next step! 

Press β€œNext” to Confirm Mini Alarm Hub is in pairing mode (LED is Flashing Green Slowly). Once this happens select next on this screen you see below 


Step 6

Select "Blink Slowly"


Step 7

Select "Go to Connect"


Step 8

Under the Settings screen select "Wi-Fi"


Step 9

On the Wi-FI screen select "SmartLife-XXXX" (XXXX will be 4 unique numbers and letters) under "MY NETWORKS" 


Step 10

Once selected you should see the SmartLife-XXXX now show up on under "Wi-Fi" with a blue check-mark. Now immediatly return to the Smart Life app by pressing the "<Smart Life" at the top left corner of the screen.Β Β Β  


Step 11

You will see this screen showing "Adding device". Note: If you do not return to Smart Life app it will not connect. 


Step 12

You should now see "added Successfully. You can now select Done and now the Smart Life app is connected to the OSI Smart Wifi Alarm System.