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Video images are freezing or lagging on my smartphone. How do i fix this issue?

 This issue can happen on your wireless video security system, video doorbell, wireless solar camera, etc. This typically means is your Wi-Fi is most likely not very strong. Here are the best way to fix this issue:

  • Increase your Internet Speed: It could possibly be that your Internet service speed service is too slow. Call your internet service provider to increase your internet speed. 150mbps or higher which is average these days (additional fee may be charged). Matter of fact with the new fiber internet, 1GB per second download speeds are now available. But, If you are already have high speed internet service and you are having issues, you may need to call your internet service provider to fix the issue. some cases wireless router can get so bogged down that even unplugging the power does not work. They may just end up replacing your router to fix the issue.
  • Move your Wi-Fi Router: Move your Wi-Fi Router to a more central area of the home if possible. Typically many internet providers will install it in your basement where cement walls or large objects is blocking the Wi-Fi which weakens the signal. You can call your internet provider and ask them to do this.
  • Use a Wi-Fi Booster : Call there internet provider and ask for a free booster which many will do if you tell them your wifi is weak. You are paying your internet provider for this service and they all realize everytone expects there smart products to function properly. Your internet providers will most likely send someone to either replace your old one or they may just send you a Wi-Fi booster which will help boost your Wi-Fi Signal in an an area that is not receiving the signal well. 
  • Move your Wi-Fi sigal to another channel: There is also a chance that your Wi-Fi is being clogged on the channel. Typically when you get internet service your signal is using a default channel. There are usually around 6 different channels to choose from. As time goes by, your neighbours may purcahse Wif-Fi boosters. These new Wi-Fi boosters are putting out stronger signals each year and can clog the channel which your Wi-Fi is using. When this happens it can cause your Wi-Fi to turn on and off intermittently therefore smart products will constantly disconnect and any kind of video will lag or freeze. We recommend calling your internet provider and get them to check this issue and see if they need to move your Wi-Fi signal to another unused channel. This only takes a matter of a few minutes for the technican to do at no charge (make sure you confirm this first). Moving your Wi-Fi to another channel will give you a consistently strong Wi-Fi signal. 

Making any one of these changes will not only give you a better signal but you will notice downloading information, videos, music on your laptop and phone will also be faster.