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How to enable the PIR light

 Depending on the type of phone that you have, the PIR on/off button might not show up if you are using the Smart Life App in Dark mode. Turn off Dark Mode and you will be able to see the on/off button. note: The on/off button will still work if you prefer to keep it in dark mode, however it just will not be visible. 


Select "Lamp" on home screen


Select "PIR Light Warning" on the Lamp Screen 


Select the desired amount of time you would like the light to remain on after detecting motion.

Note: If you would like to test the PIR detection during the day, Turn the IR night mode to "on"

PIR light still not turning on after Motion Sensor has been triggered after I enabled "PIR Light Warning?

So when the floodlight motion sensor is triggered, you get a notification to your phone but the floodlight does not turn on. If you made sure you turned on the PIR Light Warning and you still have the same issue then try the troubleshooting step below.

Power Cycle the Floodlight

Power Cycling is a means of completely turning off the power to the unit to reset the device and clear any errors or wifi congestion. Electrical devices work on software and hardware which makes it possible to run into a device error or wifi congestion during install /set-up. Although this is not very common, it's still possible that it can happen. So, here is how to power cycle the OSI Wifi Floodlight (or any electrical device for that matter). If you are power cycling a different security camera or product that has a back up battery, be sure to turn off the back up battery as well otherwise it will not work.

  • Turn off the breaker on the electrical panel. Or if the power is connected to a light switch, then turn off the light switch
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Turn the power back on.
  • If you would like to test the PIR detection during the day, turn the IR night Vision from 'AUTO' to 'ON'

IMPORTANT: The PIR light will only be triggered when IR night Vision is set to 'ON'  

Remember: Turn the IR Night Vision back to 'AUTO' when you have completed the test.