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How to do a system reset on the Mini Alarm System and re-add the sensors to the alarm system

Problem: If you are encountering any issues with the mini alarm system, a full reset could help remedy minor glitches.  

Solution: perform a full reset and it should fix the issue. 

  1. Open the Smart Life App
  2. Select the OSI Mini Alarm Mini Alarm under 'All Devices'
  3. Select 'Setting'
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Setting' menu, then select 'Factory reset'
  5. You will see a message 'After factory reset, related device data will be removed'
  6. Select 'Confirm' 
  7. You will hear the mini alarm say 'Welcome use the smart voice alarm device'
  8. Within a minute you will hear the Mini Alarm say 'Wi-Fi connected'
  9. Return to the previous menu and select 'Disarmed' 
  10. You should hear the Mini Alarm say ' System Disarmed' This will confirm that you connected to the Mini Alarm with the Smart Life app

You can now re-connect the Door Sensor and Motion Sensor. Select the links below for instructional videos. First turn off the motion sensor and connect the door sensor first. After the door sensor has paired with the mini alarm system, you can turn on the PIR motion sensor and pair it with the alarm system.  

Click here to Connect the Door/Window Sensor to the OSI Wifi Mini Alarm

Click here to Connect the Motion Sensor to the OSI Wifi Mini Alarm

Important: When testing the door alarm, please ensure that you do not trigger the motion sensor first as the test with the door alarm will not be accurate.