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Floodlight Camera Unboxing & Quick Start Video Guide

OSI Smart Floodlight - Unboxing & Quick-Start Video Guide   


 ----------------- UNBOXING: 01:00

 ------------------ QUICK START SET UP: 09:18

 ------------------ Installation: 09:20

 Connecting to Smart Life app: 11:30

 Extrolude: 13:30

  A BRIGHT IDEA FROM OSI GO DIRECT! Meet the The OSI Smart Wi-Fi Floodlight!The and 1080P HD Security Camera gives you peace of mind, anywhere, anytime for use standalone or expansion of your existing home security system. With a built-in floodlight that can be motion-triggered or set on a timer, you can light up an area of your home, turn on the built in siren and stop intruders in their tracks, all while recording and storing footage on the included 32GB SD Card or sign up for the optional cloud storage (low annual fee) for extra security!  

Thanks for watching! For inquiries, email sales@osigodirect.com 

WEBSITE: https://www.osigodirect.com  

Purchase the OSI Smart Floodlight Camera here:  

✅ OSI Smart Floodlight Camera 

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