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Alarm Display is Frozen! What do i do? (how to reset alarm display)

The Alarm display screen should not freeze. It could be that you were navigating too quickly and an anomaly happened. We recommend trying to pace yourself at a normal speed when navigating. The best way to resolve this is to reset the alarm by cycling the power. So, in order to fix this issue, lets try the Troubleshooting steps below.

Try recycling the power

Power it down, by unplugging the power supply from the electrical outlet. Then open the back panel of the alarm display and turn off the battery backup by switching the little black on/off button (located on the left side of the USB Port) from ON to OFF position. Wait for 20 seconds. then switch the battery back up switch from OFF to ON. Once powered back on, the display should now be working properly.

If you you feel you are using this product normally and run into this issue again please contact us